John Paluszek

AMA Rank 108

Reporting and analyzing macro issues in global society and how business is addressing them.


Reporting and analyzing macro issues in global society and how business is addressing them.

Precis: Professional Biography John L. Paluszek                           January 2018

John Paluszek is executive editor of “Business In Society” reporting on and analyzing major social issues and how business is addressing them via corporate social responsibility (CSR) /sustainable development (SD)

    Past chair of The Global Alliance For Public Relations and Communication Management and past national president of The Public Relations Society of America, John was liaison to The United Nations for those organizations for ten years and often reports on United Nations Global Compact.

     In 1971 he established John Paluszek & Associates/Corporate Social Action, a public relations firm specializing in CSR/SD. His public relations counseling career includes three decades as an executive at Ketchum, a global public relations firm.

    In 1988 he was a principal speaker at the First East-West Public Relations Dialogue in Vienna. Later that year he participated in the U.S. Information Agency private-sector committee meetings with Soviet communicators in Moscow and Washington D.C.

    In service to the academic community, he has been a member of the Accrediting Committee of the Accrediting Council For Education in Journalism and Mass Communications; co-chair of The Commission on Public Relations Education; and a leader of the PRSA Educational Affairs Committee’s Certification For Public Relations Education (CEPR) initiative. He has participated in some 25 campus accreditation/certification reporting site visits.

    The recipient of the PRSA 2010 Atlas Award for lifetime achievement in international public relations and other professional awards, he has lectured on CSR/SD and public relations at 15 U.S. and foreign colleges/universities and  many business conferences.

    A former journalist, his many commentaries have been published in business and academic journals including Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Journalism Studies, The Foreign Policy Association “Viewpoints” and the CNBC blog series. His 1970s seminal books on CSR, “Organizing For Corporate Social Responsibility” and “Will The Corporation Survive?”, anticipated and accelerated the contemporary CSR/SD business model. He is also the author of “An American Journey” the multi-generation story of his family’s immigration from Poland and their good fortune in America. In 2014, he co-edited “Public Relations Case Studies from Around the World”, Vol 1.

   John is a graduate of Manhattan College (B.A. in management), was a trustee of the college for twelve years and has been awarded a Manhattan College honorary degree, Doctor of Humane Letters. A native of Brooklyn, N.Y., he now resides in Westbury, N.Y.