I worked for the Tennessee Democratic Party in the most rural areas of the state. Ask me anything.

Professional Campaign Manager and former 2-time Democratic Nominee for Congress. Let's talk ideas and practical solutions for the future of the United States in this uncertain time. Ask Me Anything!

I'm a documentary photographer exploring the world of espionage. Ask me anything about photography, research, making books, prints, or anything else.

I'm a professor, public health expert, disaster preparedness planner, and podcaster. AMA!

I will be discussing and exposing the EFFECT OF TERRORISM IN NIGERIA (BOKO HARAM )& ITS IMPACT IN THE LIFE OF THE CHILDREN. My name is Adaobi Itua from Nigeria and I am a philanthropist turn activist. #ASK ME ANYTHING#.

I'm a poli sci professor in the United States and write/edit articles on politics and national security. 2017 is weird. Ask me anything.

Sep 18, 2017

I am a political science and public relations student but I have been able to do marketing jobs successfully as a side job, for more details AMA.

I am the coordinator of MadridJS and Node.js Madrid, two of the largest JavaScript meetups in Europe. Ask me anything.

AMA Bail bonds: everything you always wanted to know but we’re afraid to ask.

The Darien Project. A journey that will inspire more to come - AMA.

Ask Me Anything about "Home", a short drama about family and belonging, set against a backdrop of contemporary political upheaval and a rising suspicion of migrants.

Nov 4, 2017

AMA - Take A Trip This project is for a sizzle reel, or proof of concept; two or three scenes filmed by a director, starring two or three actors.

I am Abhishek, a social activist & youtuber from India. #AMA

I'm Chad Merrit, a short story writer. AMA

Ask Me Anything About Mastering the Art of Networking and How It Helped Me: Found My Own Company at 19, Land Opportunities at Fortune 500 Companies, The White House, and the UN Foundation.

Ask Me Anything About Travel to Iran

Dec 4, 2017

My name is Clay Jones. I'm a nationally self-syndicated political cartoonist in the United States. Ask me anything.

Operation: America ask me anything

Innovative Media Company CEO focused on providing an accurate nonbias and all-sides-present approach to political and sports debate. Ask me anything!

AMA-About how to bend the law but dont ask me anything about breaking the law

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