The 2018 General Elections' results and its aftermath - an intriguing season of Politics began in Pakistan. AMA.

Saad Masood
Aug 5, 2018

Hello everyone! After my first AMA, I kind of started enjoying engaging with you so I have come up with another topic and this time I will be discussing the results of the General Elections in Pakistan and the consequent events that are taking place.

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Do you believe that a real change in Pakistani government is coming up? What are the reasons behind your answer?
Aug 7, 2:39AM EDT1
To what extent the outcome of this general election can be attributed to the desire for a change of the Pakistani people and not to the winning candidate’s fitness for the chair (i.e. people would have voted for anyone that doesn’t belong to PPP)?
Aug 7, 1:26AM EDT1
Do you think Pakistanis have reached a point where they cannot accept plunder and graft anymore? Is this a sign that people are ready to take back a country that belongs to all of them and not the select few?
Aug 6, 10:55PM EDT1
In your opinion, what things have to be done for the Pakistani people to trust their institutions again?
Aug 6, 10:24PM EDT1
Does Pakistan lack strong political leadership that can help reverse the decline?
Aug 6, 3:04PM EDT1
What will be the major foreign policy approaches of Pakistan's newly elected party?
Aug 6, 2:45PM EDT1
What are your thoughts on the supreme court's decision to disqualify a party that was considered too big to dismantle? Do you think the judiciary has finally become independent in Pakistan?
Aug 6, 5:35AM EDT0

The Supreme Court did not disqualify a party. It disqualified a Party Presient on basis of corruption. I dont think that judiciary is independent in Pakistan yet although it seems more transparent than  in the past but it would take more time before the judiciary in Pakistan becomes completely independent.

Aug 6, 12:39PM EDT1
Som people believe that the opposition had the opportunity to present its case to the people but failed miserably because of its secret relationship with the government. Do you agree with this?
Aug 5, 11:14PM EDT0

No , i dont think the opposition parties have a secret relationship with the government as they are opposing the government in both the Senate and the National Assembly , creating a hindrance in the law making process.

Furthermore , they still have the opportunity to present their case to the people if they bring evidence of poll and count rigging in the elections.

Aug 6, 3:50AM EDT1
You have developed an interest in politics at a very young age. Do you see yourself taking part in politics when you reach the appropriate age?
Aug 5, 12:20PM EDT1

Hah. I do have an interest in politics but i dont see myself taking part in politics in future as for successful politics , you must have enough resources as well as contact with main political players of a specific region. Moreover , politics is a dirty game and it makes you do things you cant even think of yourself doing at such an age. Corruption and hypocrisy are among the top of the list of those unwanted traits. 

Aug 5, 2:35PM EDT1
What do you think about Imran Khan's journey in Pakistan's politics?
Aug 5, 1:19AM EDT0

I think it was a Jounrey symbolising tenacity , determination and resilience. Despite being ridiculed for being a cricketer-turned-politician , Imran Khan kept struggling for achieveing his dream.

He already had everything one can ever wish for ; fame , money , good look , love. However , he wanted to work for the betterment of his people so he entered politics and till now has been known as an honest and clean politician.

Aug 5, 6:43AM EDT1
Why has the Army come to play such an important role in Pakistan?
Aug 4, 8:41PM EDT1

Army has always been the strongest institution of Pakistan. The other institution which are weaker and apparently more kept than the army is influenced easily by the military establishment for the puropses it wants to achieve. 

Also , there is particular mindset in some of the top army ranks that the civilians must be controlled by them as they consider themselves more powerful than them

Aug 5, 6:46AM EDT1
What can be done to legally investigate the possibility of electoral fraud in Pakistan?
Aug 4, 10:36AM EDT0

A judicial commission can be set up consisting of some judges of great integrity just like the way it was set up to investigate the possible electoral fraud in 2013 elections. The terms of reference for this JC should be decided by a consensus between the upcoming government and the opposition.

Aug 4, 10:54AM EDT1
Do you believe that big companies do have an influence on the outcome of the election? Which big companies in Pakistan would you say that are benefited the most by the outcome of this election? Why do you say so?
Aug 4, 10:28AM EDT0

What are your thoughts regarding Imran Khan's victory in the recent elections in Pakistan?

Aug 4, 9:36AM EDT0

I think that was a long awaited victory for which Imran Khan and his party was striving for since two almost two decades. His victory have finally broken the dominance of status quo parties and many of important politicians like Maulana Fazl ur Rehman and Siraj ul Haq are no longer in the National Assembly. Instead , the new Parliament will have many young elected members.

Aug 4, 10:58AM EDT1

What are the results that political and economic analysts expect from the new prime minister? Is economic growth expected? On what do you base your answer?

Aug 4, 9:01AM EDT0

How will Imran Khan's manifesto of 'Naya Pakistan' be implemented, especially his 100-day agenda?

Aug 4, 7:34AM EDT0

It would take some serious work. Imran Khan's team is backing up for the 100-day agenda. Imran Khan's team has got notable politicians like Asad Umar , Shah Mehmood Qureshi , Andleeb Abbas , Shireen Mazari etc and they all are passionate of bringing a positive change.

Last edited @ Aug 4, 11:20AM EDT.
Aug 4, 11:19AM EDT0
What is the Karachi operation?
Aug 4, 7:13AM EDT0

It is carried out by the Rangers to eliminate terrorism from the streets of Karachi and they have had a worth mentioning success as the terrorist activities , street crimes and target killings are reduced to a dramatic level in this city.

Aug 4, 11:01AM EDT1

What is the public opinion about the result of the general election? Does the public approve of the outcome? From what did you draw this conclusion?

Aug 4, 5:58AM EDT0

I think the masses of people are satisfied with the result of election and they approve it. This is because the public is tired of seeing the same faces again and again and they want a change which they think can be brought only by the winning party , PTI. Even if u go to Layari , PPP's stronghold , people now say that they wont vote for PPP anymore because of their poor performance. Infact , in 2018 elections , Bilawal Bhutto , the chairman of PPP was defeated from Layari by a PTI candidate. Moreover , on call of Maulana Fazl ur Rehman for protest over the elections , no one has seen any kind of protest by the political workers.

Aug 4, 11:18AM EDT1

In the case that an investigation is performed and electoral fraud is demonstrated, what is the legal process that must be followed? 

Aug 4, 3:12AM EDT0

If electoral fraud is demonstrated , then the Assemblies will be dissolved and a new election will be called within 90 days.

Aug 4, 11:14AM EDT1

To what extent has the corruption of the institution played a role in the outcome of the election? 

Aug 4, 2:55AM EDT0

Sorry , i dont know which institution are you talking about but in general , corruption did play a very significant role in the outcome of elections. The Imran Khan's anti-corruption narrative certainly suited his purpose of coming into power as his party received the most votes that any party had received in the history of Pakistan. Also , the perception that PMLN and PPP are parties with corrupt leaders helped ensure their defeat in these elections.

Aug 4, 11:13AM EDT1