My name is Vera, and I have been personally attacked on social media for Voting for President Trump. I have lost family members, and friends over my decision. AMA

Vera Zelkina-Johnson
Jun 19, 2017

Politics has been the main reason people have stopped talking in the last two years. It is a rough world out there right now. Tell me your story?!?

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I believe that you have chosen the lesser evil. But I hope that they would replace health care insurance for your citizens there. What is your view on Trump's decision in making private insurance companies to be American's choice of insurance knowing that he owns one or owns a share of those companies? 

Jun 20, 12:28AM EDT0

We were much better off with Private insurance. As someone who has dealt with insurance companies, and employees regularly, Obamacare was a disaster to most of the people. The only people that like Obamacare, are those that don't have to pay for it. With private insurance, you have compition, which drives prices down. Also, Trump is a business man, he has his fingers in many things, as do most billionares. I am more concerned getting middle America insured.

Jun 25, 6:19PM EDT0

What do you think about the firing of James Comey?

Jun 19, 5:28AM EDT0

He should have been fired. Trump just did it so wrong. Instead of doing it lt like a professional, he made it a public circus. If he would have left it professional, I do not believe Comey would have leaked... Karma

Jun 19, 2:10PM EDT0

Do you think you could’ve kept your friends if you didn’t publicly broadcast your private vote?

Jun 17, 4:56PM EDT0

Honestly I don't care. If my vote, gauges our friendship, then I don't need that friendship.

Jun 19, 2:08PM EDT0

Do you think Russia would make a good ally?

Jun 16, 7:43PM EDT0

Only in certain aspects. Russia is an opportunistic country, and with Putin in power, there is no telling which way they will lean. 

Jun 17, 10:43PM EDT0

Why do you think your friends and family are so mad?

Jun 16, 3:37PM EDT0

It seems to be a liberal disorder lately. I honestly have no other answer. 

Jun 17, 10:41PM EDT0

Do you actually like Donald Trump as a person?

Jun 16, 7:04AM EDT0

Yes I do. I know him personally, because I worked for him back in the early 90's. He is an aquired taste! 

Jun 17, 10:41PM EDT0

What kind of personal attacks have you been subject to?

Jun 15, 5:42PM EDT0

anything from attacks on weight, to my looks, and intelligence. I have been cursed at, and called absolutely horrible name, for doing nothing but citing facts, and data. 

Jun 17, 10:40PM EDT0

Do you still continue to post publicly about Donald Trump?

Jun 15, 1:23PM EDT0

I personally try not to, my husband on the other hand is zealot for political posts! 

Jun 17, 10:34PM EDT0

Do you think we should accept more refugees into the states?

Jun 15, 12:58PM EDT0

As long as we can Vet them, I am all for refugees. I came to the country as a refugee myself back in the 1980s

Jun 17, 10:34PM EDT0

Do you think there was any Russian involvement in the election?

Jun 15, 8:45AM EDT0

Do you think there was any American involvment in other countries elections? This happens all the time, it is just now being focused on. 

Jun 17, 10:33PM EDT0

Do you think Trump will be able to get the travel ban passed?

Jun 15, 6:23AM EDT0

Once it goes to the supreme court, I have no doubt. There is no judge shopping there. Our legal system has become a joke. Lady liberty is suppose to be blind, and rule within the four corners of the document. Right now Dems have been putting their fingers on the scale. It is a sad time for anyone that needs justice!

Jun 17, 10:32PM EDT0

Do you think Trump is doing a good job so far?

Jun 15, 4:48AM EDT0

Overall, yes. He has some downfalls, which bother me, but he is still on a learning curve as far as I am concerned. What I wanted him to focus on, he has. Especially Military, and VA. For that I am willing to give him tons passes. 

Jun 17, 10:30PM EDT0

Did you vote for trump because you support him or because you felt you had no choice?

Jun 15, 3:28AM EDT0

A little of both. I know President Trump as I worked for him back in the 90s, so I understand him, but I do not support everything he does. He is still learning. I didn't have any other choice that was worth casting a vote for. My vote was to keep Hiliary out of office. 

Jun 17, 10:29PM EDT0

Have you been a lifelong registered republican?

Jun 15, 1:46AM EDT0

Nope lifelong registered Democrat! 

Jun 17, 10:27PM EDT0

Would you vote for Trump again if there was an election today?

Jun 14, 11:47PM EDT0

If it was against Hiliary, ABSOLUTELY! I would vote for Satan, before I vote for Hiliary! 

Jun 17, 10:27PM EDT0

Did any of your other family members vote for Trump?

Jun 14, 11:23PM EDT0

I have no clue. I do not really discuss politics with family any longer. 

Jun 17, 10:26PM EDT0

My husband voted for Trump, along with me

Jun 17, 10:26PM EDT0

Do you find yourself attacking liberals back when they attack you?

Jun 14, 5:37PM EDT0

If they personally attack me first, yes I will intellectually retaliate! There is no need to  attack someone in a debate. 

Jun 17, 10:25PM EDT0

Have you ever voted for a democratic candidate before?

Jun 14, 3:49PM EDT0

Everytime but the last two elections. The democratic party is falling apart. I can no longer consider myself a Democrat! 

Jun 17, 10:24PM EDT0

Why don’t you simply unfriend those who act unfairly towards you?

Jun 14, 1:36PM EDT0

It takes a lot for me to Un-friend someone. I believe people are much more than their politics! 

Jun 17, 10:23PM EDT0

Who did you vote for in the 2012 elections?

Jun 14, 1:31PM EDT0

I didn't vote in 2012. Honestly no one was worth it. I voted for Obama in 2008. 

Jun 17, 10:23PM EDT0

Have you always been on the conservative side of the spectrum?

Jun 14, 12:15PM EDT0

Oh not even close. I am very liberal on many social issues. I am conservative on Gun control, fiscally, and when it comes to big Government. Others wise I am hippie at heart!

Jun 17, 10:22PM EDT0

What is your opinion about Russia and Putin?

Jun 14, 11:31AM EDT0

Putin killed my grandfather when Putin was KGB, so you can make your own determination from that. As for Russia, I was born there. The people are different than the government. I do not believe President Trump has anything to do with Russia and hacking...just saying

Jun 17, 10:21PM EDT0

Would you have voted for Bernie Sanders if you had the opportunity?

Jun 14, 9:24AM EDT0

Maybe. I am not big on socialism. 

Jun 16, 4:10PM EDT0

What do you think are the chances of Trump getting impeached?

Jun 14, 9:00AM EDT0

None at all. There is no impeachable evidence. 

Jun 16, 4:09PM EDT0

What do you mean that you’ve lost family members, are they dead?

Jun 14, 7:55AM EDT0

No... we just stopped talking due to the Elections. 

Jun 16, 4:09PM EDT0

Do you plan to continue to vote Republican in future elections?

Jun 14, 7:14AM EDT0

As of now, yes. The democratic party will have to completely reinvent itself, for me to vote Democrat again. 

Jun 16, 4:08PM EDT0

Do you have pictures of you wearing a MAGA hat?

Jun 14, 6:33AM EDT0

No sorry! I am retired in Cancun, so I am not sure that would go over well. 

Jun 16, 4:08PM EDT0

What do you think about Hillary Clinton and the scandals around her?

Jun 14, 5:35AM EDT0

She was the main reason I voted for President Trump. That woman scares me to death. She knows exactly how to play the political game. The Presidental seat would have been sold to the highest bidder. America has no clue what bullet they dodged. Satan himself would have been a better choice then her! 

Jun 16, 4:07PM EDT0

How do you think Trump’s presidency will be viewed 5 years from now?

Jun 14, 5:27AM EDT0

Just as divide as it is now. To some, he will be the best president in history, and to others the worst. I think later in History his accomplishments will be outlined, and the hatred will cease. 

Jun 16, 4:06PM EDT0

Would you support Trump becoming closer with Russia?

Jun 14, 3:03AM EDT0

Not sure how you are stating this question. I believe that as countries we need to try to have common ground, so if President Trump and arrange an understanding with countries we are at odds with, I am fully for it. 

Jun 16, 4:05PM EDT0

Do you really want to be friends with those who judge based on political ideas?

Jun 14, 1:56AM EDT0

Not at all. Just came as a surprise, as some of these people I have known since High School! 

Jun 16, 4:04PM EDT0

Why would you post about politics on social media?

Jun 13, 9:09PM EDT0

Why not? I am all for discussion. Social media is my outlet, and down time. I enjoy discussions of all kinds, on all social networks. 

Jun 16, 4:03PM EDT0

Who do you like better, Trump or Pence?

Jun 13, 6:44PM EDT0

President Trump without a doubt. I know him personally, as I use to work for him. Pence creeps me out a bit. 

Jun 16, 4:02PM EDT0

Have you made new friends that voted for Trump?

Jun 13, 5:45PM EDT0

Well since my husband and I are travelers, we are always making new friends. I have however made like minded friends through Facebook groups. 

Jun 16, 4:02PM EDT0

Do you think you will ever talk to the friends you lost again?

Jun 13, 4:57PM EDT0

I am all open to talk to everyone. I was not the one that stopped talking to them. Since I come from a very liberal area, most of my friends tend to HATE President Trump. Time will tell what will happen. The ball is in their court. There are some I will never speak to again! Those were the ones that attacked me on my looks, and family. There is no redemption there. 

Jun 16, 4:01PM EDT0

Do you plan to vote for Donald Trump again for a second term?

Jun 13, 1:42PM EDT0

As of right now yes, but that may change along the way. He has been in office for a very short time, so it is hard to say which way I will lean. 

Jun 16, 3:59PM EDT0