I am a conservative evangelical at one of the most conservative colleges in America, but I do not support Donald Trump. Ask me anything.

Mar 7, 2018

Liberty University is a large Christian college in Virginia, and has a long history of political conservatism. I chose the school because I was extremely conservative in high school, but my political beliefs moderated through experiences at Liberty. I am a devout Christian, and Liberty has given me ample opportunities to study the 2016 election and engage in civil discourse with Christian Trump supporters.



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If you could spend the day with anyone from the bible, other than God, who would it be and why?
Mar 8, 7:24AM EST0
If you could choose any president in US history to replace President Donald Trump, who would it be and why?
Mar 8, 3:00AM EST0
What are some of the feelings you and other non-Trump supporters have with regard to Trumps actions in office?
Mar 7, 10:21PM EST0
What do you consider to be the reasoning behind African-American support for President Donald Trump?
Mar 7, 3:52PM EST0
Why do you believe that celebrities should not be involved with politics?
Mar 7, 10:16AM EST0
What are your opinions of Trump’s alleged treatment of women and immigrants?
Mar 7, 6:47AM EST0
What is your opinion on the degree of influence of the media on the American public?
Mar 7, 4:01AM EST0
Do you consider the act of kneeling during the national anthem an Act of treason against America and the president and why?
Mar 7, 1:06AM EST0
In your opinion, why is there so much antagonism in media dialogues between believers and atheists?
Mar 6, 8:13PM EST0
In what ways does social media promote a decline in moral thinking?
Mar 6, 5:01PM EST0
Some people are afraid to be judged after death because they have not been saintly all their lives, are you afraid and why?
Mar 6, 3:35PM EST0
Do you believe that Hillary Clinton was a better candidate and in your opinion, was America ready for a woman president and why?
Mar 6, 12:56PM EST0
Have you ever seen a miracle, or had a divine experiences, if so, what was it?
Mar 6, 10:47AM EST0
What is it you would wish for if God granted you one wish, and what are the reasons behind your choice?
Mar 6, 10:18AM EST0
Is the Trump supporter someone that believes in the idea of what Trump has to offer rather than the reality, and why do you think so?
Mar 6, 9:40AM EST0
Do you believe that science has the capability of replacing religion and why?
Mar 6, 9:31AM EST0
Why do you believe Christians would choose to have a leader like Trump who displays so many alleged unchristian-like qualities?
Mar 6, 8:48AM EST0
How is the process of acquiring religious and scientific explanations similar?
Mar 6, 7:38AM EST0
What do you believe is the best and worst thing that came from Trump's presidency so far?
Mar 6, 6:24AM EST0
What are some of the ways in which free will affects your faith?
Mar 6, 2:20AM EST0
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