I am a Centrist and Pro-European Politician/Writer. Ask me anything!

Dani Said
Apr 15, 2018

I am a Centrist and Pro-European Politician/Writer and I am giving you the chance to ask me anything and have your questions answered. This is your chance to find out the truth and see past the lies and fabrications you have heard. This is an insider's information. Whether it be politics related or even advice. Ask away! The floor is yours! Thank you!!


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What is your favourite sport, and how do you percieve the present politics behind cryptocurrency

Apr 18, 12:45PM EDT0
If you had the opportunity to meet three political leaders who would they be and what three questions would you ask them?
Apr 17, 5:15AM EDT0
Much of your writing focuses on politics and society. What motivates you creatively?
Apr 17, 4:47AM EDT0
Which country do you think failed the world when it comes to the refugee crisis the world is currently faces?
Apr 16, 10:37PM EDT0
Do you think all writers have a political agenda and should writers have a political agenda?
Apr 16, 10:22AM EDT0
Why are you in politics? Is it personal ambition or desire to change the status quo?
Apr 16, 12:49AM EDT0
What is your opinion on what is going on Syria right now and specifically the US decsion to disregard a country's sovereignty and launch military action?
Apr 15, 7:32PM EDT0
How did you realize that Centrist party is right for you?
Apr 15, 7:37AM EDT0

I realised at a very early stage that Centrism was my political view since I did not agree with the left entirely nor did I agree with the left entire and believe that the left and right are far too extreme and not pragmatic. I am a pragmatist. I came into politics knowing I am a Centrist. 

Apr 15, 3:32PM EDT0
Where did your journey as a politician and writer start and what inspires you to continue today?
Apr 14, 4:25PM EDT0

Since I was a child I had a love of politics. I have always had a passion for it and for helping others. When my passion for politics and helping people grow so strong and I finally realised that politics is the field that I am supposed to be in, that I am destined to follow I left the entertainment industry and began pursuing my career in politics. What inspires me to continue is the shape of this world. The world needs more Centrists people who will think pragmatically, more compassion and I believe I can change people's lives for the better. My heroes are President John F Kennedy and President Emmanuel Macron both who were Centrists. 

Apr 15, 3:36PM EDT0
What is the Centrists' view on the relations between West Europe and Russia?
Apr 14, 2:36PM EDT0

It is a pragmatic view. West Europe and Russia have always had tensions between them and their views have differed immensely however this is not to say that we cannot communicate diplomatically. That would be a grave mistake to think that. West Europe and Russia can and do diplomatically communicate with one another to ensure that our mission for peace is not disrupted. The bottom line is relations are tense and we differ immense in viewpoints however we still communicate diplomatically.

Apr 15, 3:38PM EDT0
What is the biggest lie/half-truth that mass-media are reporting nowadays?
Apr 14, 5:52AM EDT0

95% of what is reported in the media is false, twisted truths and only half of the truth and that is being kind to them. They are not interested in producing factual information they are only interested in ratings and making money hence why they have to keep the public scared so they turn into the news and buy their newspapers and they will remain in business. 

Apr 15, 3:40PM EDT0
How much do you think the availability to funds plays a role in the popularity of one party over another?
Apr 13, 10:54PM EDT0

I hate to answer a question with a question but is your question in regards to campaign and the advantages funding has on it or is it referring to another situation? 

Apr 15, 3:41PM EDT0
Where do you think EU will be in the next 10 years?
Apr 13, 9:48PM EDT0

I believe the European Union will be reformed and will be still going strong in ten years time. 

Apr 15, 3:42PM EDT0
How has your political views effected your relationship with your friends and family?
Apr 13, 6:39AM EDT0

My political views are usually well received amongst family and friends. However, in one or two areas there may be disagreements which is normal. It is ok to have different view points. Usually those who disagree are either too far left or too far right but for the most part it is well received within my circles.

Apr 15, 3:44PM EDT0
In what ways do you try to appeal to more popular parties to try to get them on board with some of your ideas?
Apr 13, 5:00AM EDT0

Firstly let me make it clear that if you truly want to help people and make changes for the greater good of the people then you have to be willing to lose some of your popularity because it is human nature to fear change and majority of people will fear change and dislike you for forcing it upon them. That is normal. If you are concerned about popularity then don't enter politics. Secondly, in regards to policy ideas you have to think the idea thoroughly, weighing it with pros and cons, ensure that every angle is covered including surveying it against the people's viewpoints, ensure that you are prepared for the positive and negative effects it'll bring and know your idea and how it will help others and the economy. Once you know it thorough, and I mean thoroughly because you will be questioned about it, then you put it forward to the parties confidently and never weaver from your idea or your beliefs. Stick to your guns and do not let them pursued you to give up your idea if you truly believe it will be successful and help the economy and the people.

Apr 15, 3:48PM EDT0
What has been some of the most difficult questions you have had to answer regarding your political views?
Apr 11, 10:45AM EDT0

In regards to my political views it has been most difficult to try and explain to those who do not receive the truth well and those who are stuck in their ways the reality of situation. Speaking the truth is never easy especially in this world where lying and fabricating things have become the norm. It is time for that to change.

Apr 15, 3:51PM EDT0
What are some of the possible careers you have considered pursuing in politics and why did you not follow through with them?
Apr 10, 9:56PM EDT0

Personally I am looking to be an elected official and make it all the way. I want to make positive change, and help others and the economy thrive.

Apr 15, 3:51PM EDT0
How do you describe your writing style?
Apr 10, 6:24PM EDT0

I write mostly non-fiction which are most likely classed as history books exposé books that expose the truth. I can also write fiction and have in the past written screenplays and sketches. 

Apr 15, 3:52PM EDT0
What is your comfort level asking tough questions regarding politics?
Apr 10, 2:04PM EDT0

I am not sure I understand what you mean. Could you explain please?

Apr 15, 3:53PM EDT0
What experience do you have with being on live television?
Apr 10, 2:47AM EDT0

I have never been on live television yet but there is time for that!

Apr 15, 3:54PM EDT0
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