Gun Control, Government Surveillance, and Military Deployment. Ask Me Anything

Michael Brady
Mar 9, 2018

Hello everyone. I’m a former career intelligence officer and now author of the Into The Shadows spy series. I’ve performed a wide variety of intelligence functions including long range surveillance, interrogation and collection management. I’m also a former Director of the Presidential Emergency Operations Center in the White House under President George W. Bush. My next book, Into The Shadows Assassination Corps, will be released in Sep 2018.


My political views range from center to center left. I believe strongly that both major parties in the United States offer common sense solutions and espouse values and ideas I am drawn to.


However, I’m no fuc***ing lemming.


I think for myself and do not blindly follow political parties. For example, I’m a gun owner and strongly believe in the 2nd Amendment. I own a shotgun, Glock 19, Ruger LCP and a Tikka T3 rifle. However…….I do not favor selling assault rifles. Automatic rifles are weapons of war and individuals should not have the right to own them. A shotgun and 15 rounds of 9mm ammo is enough to defend my home and family.


Another political view that may raise eyebrows is that I believe the federal government has the right to monitor domestic communications. Now, before everyone freaks out, I believe FISA courts are important to ensure the system works as efficiently as possible in order to preserve individual liberty. Bottom line, security is more important to me than individual liberty. In today’s complex world, the two are incompatible.


Finally, I’m a former military intelligence officer. I am proud of my service and the men and women I was privileged to serve with. Our military is the greatest force in history---------but we are overstretched. In my opinion, we have too many soldiers deployed throughout the world. This puts a strain on them, their families, and federal budgets. It’s time for many of our military forces to come home.

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Is it hypocritical for a person to be in favour of both small government and massive government surveillance and why?
Mar 14, 10:27AM EDT0
Is the current government surveillance harming people, and why?
Mar 14, 10:01AM EDT0
Which US military branch is best for military intelligence, what is unique about its intelligence community, and how does one determine which branch is best suited for a career in intelligence?
Mar 13, 3:07PM EDT0
In what ways are Americans divided on the issue of known government surveillance programs?
Mar 13, 2:42AM EDT0
What is the difference between Military Intelligence, Defence Intelligence, and Foreign Intelligence?
Mar 12, 2:50PM EDT0
How much government surveillance can be prevented through cautious web browsing practices?
Mar 11, 5:37PM EDT0
What are some of the strategies one should employ to defeat the Government surveillance of an underground group?
Mar 11, 2:46PM EDT0
What are some of the research methods you have used to gather information for your book, and have you violated any security protocols with these methods?
Mar 11, 1:26PM EDT0
Which medals or citations are you most honoured to have received while in the military, and why?
Mar 11, 1:17PM EDT0
Should government surveillance be lawful in the interest of national security, and why?
Mar 11, 11:38AM EDT0
What was it that motivated you to join the military?
Mar 11, 4:16AM EDT0
What was your primary job after training, and where did you serve the majority of your time in service?
Mar 10, 8:51PM EST0
In what ways does media violence affect actual violence?
Mar 10, 11:45AM EST0
How does the U.S. compare to other countries in relation to gun related crime?
Mar 10, 11:16AM EST0
What are some of your favourite portrayals of military intelligence in film or television?
Mar 10, 8:41AM EST0
How do people who commit gun crimes get access to their guns?
Mar 9, 9:18PM EST0
What are some of the most harmful effects of abuse of government surveillance in the United States?
Mar 9, 4:50PM EST0

Damn good question……………..which would take a thesis to answer…... In short, when intelligence agencies circumvent the law…….or in some cases, break it…….this is a gross abuse of their powers and undermines the Constitution. This erodes public confidence in the IC and questions the purpose of government surveillance. Losing public trust and confidence is probably the most harmful effect. What are your thoughts?

Mar 11, 5:45PM EDT0
What is the difference between spy intelligence and government surveillance?
Mar 9, 4:37PM EST0

Government surveillance is activity authorized by the federal government. It gives intelligence agencies approval to collect foreign and domestic intelligence. There is no term called spy intelligence. If you could clarify or describe what you mean by spy intelligence………I’ll try my best to answer the question. You may be describing human intelligence (HUMINT) gathering……….if so, let me know.

Mar 11, 5:44PM EDT0
Is it possible to eradicate the threat of terrorism through government surveillance, and what are some of the areas in which government surveillance can improve its filtration process for possible terrorists?
Mar 9, 4:15PM EST0

No. Not a chance. Terrorism is an ideology and will certainly never be eradicated from the planet. Government surveillance will not eliminate terrorism………but it certainly makes it much harder for terrorists to plan and execute operations against soft targets. I know a bit too much to fully answer your second question…………but the filtration process is pretty damn good, in my judgment. Our intelligence agencies have uncovered numerous plans that have not been released to the public. Oversight must continue………..but our intelligence agencies are doing an incredible job of keeping us safe. They are not perfect but their efforts keep us safe. I’m very thankful to the men and women in our IC…………they are unsung heroes who operate in the shadows.   

Mar 11, 5:44PM EDT0
Do you believe the restriction of magazines work to reduce gun related crime?
Mar 9, 2:58PM EST0

No. The vast majority of gun related crime is by individuals using pistols. Sure, there are examples of assault rifles being used by narcotics dealers and other organizations………but restricting magazines won’t stop gun violence-------which has to be defined before it can be fully addressed. I own a shotgun, a couple of pistols and a rifle……………….what I want to see is an end to all assault rifles. They are weapons of war and need to be used by military and law enforcement trained personnel. I truly believe removing assault rifles won’t reduce gun violence…………but I’m damn sure more children won’t be gunned in our schools by them. To save our children in schools………….we have to ban assault rifles. This is nonnegotiable, in my humble opinion.

Mar 11, 5:44PM EDT0
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