Ask me Anything Why Myanmar Govt. Killing Muslims ? Whats different in opinion between Bangladesh and Myanmar ?

Sep 12, 2017

You can Ask me Anything Such as this questions , We know that people is the greatest assets of a country . But Rohigya isn't thair human assets ? why they kill them ? Nor Rohingya causes harm for thair country ? We know that In Bangladesh Have 9,00,000 Buddist and in Myanmar have 2.2 milion Muslim .... Whats defferent in opnion between Bangladesh and Myanmar ? If BAngladesh Start to do with Buddist who's in Bangladesh As they ( Myanmar ) doing with Muslims , Then what happens ?

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Is it not an ethnic tension between Rohingya and Burmese? Not Bengali and Burmese?

Sep 12, 2:54PM EDT0

Why would they kill innocent people for nothing? 

Sep 12, 11:41AM EDT0

How did the situation get so bad there?

Sep 11, 8:57PM EDT0

Do you write or blog your thoughts on social media?

Sep 11, 11:30AM EDT0

The rape and murder of a Rakhine Buddhist woman by Muslim men (Bengali or Rohingya, depending on the source), followed by the killing of Rohingya Muslims (as retaliation) is said to have sparked the communal riots between Rakhine Buddhists and Rohingya Muslims. Do you think this is true?

Sep 11, 10:16AM EDT0

What can people do to help?

Sep 11, 6:10AM EDT0

Do you think the military conflict will escalate even further?

Sep 11, 4:18AM EDT0

The prosecuted people call themselves as Rohingya living in Bangladesh-Myanmar border. Is the real problem for Rohingy lack of citizenship?

Sep 11, 3:45AM EDT0

What is the Myanmar government saying?

Sep 11, 3:36AM EDT1

How do Buddhists feel about the massacre of Muslims in Burma?

Sep 11, 3:30AM EDT1

Is that not much more than terrorism? Are they not human beings?

Sep 11, 3:25AM EDT1

Why do muslims kill christians? Why do muslims kill muslims?

Sep 11, 2:22AM EDT1

Do people not realize that we all live on one planet, no matter what your religion? Should we not all have the same rights and responsibilities?

Sep 11, 2:04AM EDT1

What has been happening to them?

Sep 11, 12:20AM EDT1

Are Rohingya not in the minority in all areas of Rakhine State?

Sep 10, 10:13PM EDT1

Who are the Rohingya?

Sep 10, 7:28PM EDT1

Why do you think people are unable to see that we are all one?

Sep 10, 4:15PM EDT1

How many have been killed, injured or forced to flee?

Sep 10, 3:36PM EDT1

Why this sudden buzz now?

Sep 10, 2:51PM EDT1

What’s the background to the story?

Sep 10, 2:23PM EDT1

Why is the whole world silent on the extreme brutality of Burma against Muslims?

Sep 10, 2:19PM EDT1

Why hasn’t Aung Sun Suu Kyi done anything about it?

Sep 10, 2:18PM EDT1

What is the main reason for racism in Burma (Myanmar) against the Arakan Muslims?

Sep 10, 1:24PM EDT1

Do you not think any killing is bad? After all every religion is preaching 'Do not kill'.

Sep 10, 12:37PM EDT1
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